Wednesday, July 1st through Monday, July 6th 

Camp up to 5 nights for $100




As many of you are aware, our group sites have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have secured 5 Individual Sites, each site can accommodate 6-10 campers. We have a capacity of a 35-40 campers. These sites are spread out among 3 campgrounds: Wishon, The Forks and Spring Cove...


We will enjoy many activities together: Frolicking and Swimming Lakeside, Star Gazing, Campfire Meetings, Boating, Tubing and Skiing, Hiking to the Falls, Fireworks Together Over the Lake & MORE...


Some concessions will be made: Social Distancing, Campfire Meetings Held on Individual Sites, No Variety Show, Cook and Barbecue on Individual Sites or Dine in town...

You will need a Tent, Sleeping bag, Cooler, Flashlight and any personal items for your own comfort. Campsite provides running water and toilet facilities. Showers are close-by at Miller’s Landing.
Free Parking is available!
Check out photos from Past Years Event!

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